Sally Younghans

Sally Younghans, founder of M.E.L.T © (Mindful Education Life Tools) cuts right to the core of these ancient teachings, backs them with the latest scientific findings and delivers them in a relevant and relatable way that can be applied to daily life.  Sally’s innovative online and in-person courses, seminars and tools empower us to navigate through life’s demands and stressors with greater ease, intelligence and joy. 

Sally's belief is that we all possess the ability to tap into our unlimited potential, health and well-being through these ancient practices, the thoughts we think, the foods we eat and the way we move. Continually inspired by an endless stream of life-changing case studies, Sally is passionate about empowering others with the knowledge and practical application of these body-mind-spirit alignment practices.  

Although Sally's expertise is informed by her studies and training, her real and sometimes raw life experiences as well as those of her clients are truly what lead her practice.   For well over a decade Sally has trained extensively in the field of holistic health, is a certified Mindfulness Instructor, registered Hatha Yoga teacher and a graduate from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Advanced Nutritarian Study program.  Sally has taught in hospitals, corporations, schools, transitional homes for at risk youth, community centers and athletic training centers.  She has taught C-suite executives, firefighters, doctors, nurses, students and Olympian hopefuls.  Prior to her career in Mindful Training, Sally spent more than 17 years in corporate marketing. Sally is married and has two teenage children.