8 Weeks to a Better Brain

Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and experience it for yourself

Sara Lazar and her team at Harvard discovered that in as little as 8 weeks, mindfulness practice can physically change the structure of the brain in areas that are responsible for stress, memory and executive functioning. Mindfulness programs have become a widely accepted tool for hospital and medical practices, corporations, schools and retirement communities throughout the United States.  Research shows that these techniques decrease a wide spectrum of stress-related symptoms and medical conditions including slowing the aging process and producing an overall feeling of well-being.

"When we learn mindfulness, we bring ourselves back into balance by tapping into our natural state of being that is naturally whole, naturally healthy and naturally happy". - Sally Younghans, Mindful, Inc. 


This experiential course meets once a week for one hour.  

Course materials include:
Handouts and audio downloads of guided meditations.

Daily practice homework (daily practice time will begin at 5 minutes building up to 20 minutes).


You will learn: 
The basics of mindfulness meditation: including it's history, science, the most popular practice techniques.
Why and how to work with thoughts that come up while practicing. 
How to perceive and work through emotions from a different area of the brain. 
How to cultivate kindness and compassion, peace and joy and an overall sense of well-being. 
Tools, techniques and support to help you develop a daily practice that works for you. 

You will leave each session feeling renewed, relaxed and well-equipped with knowledge and tools you can access anytime, anywhere. 
Duration: 8 weeks /  1-hour sessions 

Call Sally to book a training (908) 432-2004.