The Fundamentals of Mindfulness

              A 6 Week Course For Medical Professionals, Employees and Staff

Sara Lazar and her team at Harvard discovered that in as little as 8 weeks, mindfulness practice can physically change the structure of the brain in areas that are responsible for stress, self regulation, memory and executive functioning. When medical professionals, employees and staff learn mindfulness, they reap personal benefits such as reduced stress, burnout and emotional exhaustion. Qualitative interviews show the impact of mindfulness programs on health care including increased serenity, empathy, and self-compassion. Traits critical to the delivery of health care services in particular, but also important factors for those in leadership roles, as well as those in job roles with high customer/patient contact.

"When we learn mindfulness, we bring ourselves back into balance by tapping into our natural state of being that is naturally whole, naturally healthy and naturally happy". - Sally Younghans, Mindful, Inc. 


This experiential course meets once a week for one hour.  Video downloads available if you cannot make the class in person.

Course materials include:
Handouts and audio downloads of guided meditations.

Daily practice homework (daily practice time will begin at 5 minutes building up to 20 minutes).


You will learn: 
The basics of mindfulness meditation: including it's history, science, the most popular practice techniques.
Why and how to work with thoughts that come up while practicing. 
How to perceive and work through emotions from a different area of the brain. 
How to cultivate kindness and compassion, peace and joy and an overall sense of well-being. 
Tools, techniques and support to help you develop a daily practice that works for you. 

You will leave each session feeling renewed, relaxed and well-equipped with knowledge and tools you can access anytime, anywhere. 
Duration: 6 weeks /  1-hour sessions