You will learn:

-The basics of mindfulness meditation: including the history, the science, the most popular practice techniques and how other schools are using it.   

-Why and how to work with thoughts that come up while practicing.   

-How to perceive and work through emotions from a different area of the brain.   

-How to cultivate kindness and compassion, peace and joy and an overall sense of well-being.

-Tools, techniques and support to help you develop a daily practice that works for you.   

You will leave each session feeling renewed, relaxed and well-equipped with knowledge and tools you can access anytime, anywhere.


This is a mindfulness-based intervention for teachers, faculty and staff to reduce stress, improve well-being and to serve as a preparation for teachers to deliver mindfulness based curricula to the student population.


This course will be led by Sally Younghans, Mindfulness Instructor and Wellness Coach.